2016 Final Exams

Final exams for students in grades 8-11 will take place on May 24, 25, and 26.  On May 25 and 26 students are dismissed at 11:40 am.  If the student has their own transportation they are free to leave.  School transportation will be provided at normal time (2:30 pm) on May 25.  School transportation will be provided 2 hours early (12:30 pm) on May 26.  If a student needs school transportation they will need to wait in study hall until transportation is available.


To get the exam schedule CLICK HERE.


For parents picking students up at 11:30

There are a lot of extra cars on campus these two days.  You are not permitted to park along the curb these two days.  Parking in the drive blocks others from leaving.  You will be directed to park in the lot along Lemoyne Rd.  Please ask your student to come to you and not wait at the front door.  This blocks other drivers from leaving.  Please allow extra on time for pick up these days.


Parents of the Class of 2016

You have been invited to sit in a reserved section at the graduation ceremony.  You are not required to sit in this section, but if you choose to we can only accommodate two parents per graduate in this seating area.


To register for two parents to sit in reserved seating CLICK HERE.


If this seating arrangement does not work for you, you are welcome to sit in any of the other three sections in the fieldhouse.  No tickets are required for the general public to attend graduation.


HS Drop Off/Pick Up

If you drop off or pick up your student before and/or after school, we need your help.  With so many cars moving in the parking lot, safety becomes a concern for everyone.  Whether dropping off or picking up we highly encourage you to use the parking spaces and park your car long enough for your students to get in our out.  By doing this you are out of the traffic flow and other drivers do not need to wait for you and your student.


In the afternoon, we try to get all traffic moving in the same direction.  Please exit toward the flagpoles and out the main drive.


PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON THE CURB IN FRONT OF THE BUILDING OR IN THE MAIN DRIVE.  This limits the ability of other drivers to safely enter and exit the parking lot.


Emergency Medical Form

We would love to eliminate the paper emergency medical form.  To fill out the this online form you will need your student's student ID number.  This number was sent to you in the summer letter.  If you do not have the student ID number, please contact the high school office at 419-661-6640.


To fill out the form please click HERE.


Locker Number & Combination

Over the summer a software update to PowerSchool was loaded.  As a result, you can no longer see the student's locker number and combination on the Grades and Attendance tab in the Parent/Student Portal.  Instead, the locker number is now found by clicking the My Schedule tab.  We apologize for the inconvenience.


Grade Cards Online

In an effort to conserve resources we have tried to do more and more online.  Parents have the ability to follow their students grade online at all time through the PowerSchool parent portal.  You can link to this under the parent tab on the district website.  If you cannot access your account, please contact the office.

High School Information Remind

Sign up for the High School Information text remind by texting @lherm to 419-679-4578.



Student Parking Registration

High School Announcements

Click Here for the High School Morning Announcements




Welcome back to Lake High School for the 2015-2016 school year!

Lake High School is the home school for approximately 700 students in grades 8 - 12.  We are a high performing high school as determined by the Ohio Department of Education.  We have a terrific learning environment for our students and have extra and co-curricular programs that reflect our desire for excellence.  We sincerely hope that whether your student attends Lake High School, or you are simply a guest to our campus, that your time spent here is positive!


Lee Herman


Lake High School
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Millbury, OH 43447
Phone:  419-661-6640
Fax:  419-661-6650


Lee Herman

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Assistant Principal

Karen Cutcher






Quote of the Day
"It's better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life."

Elizabeth Kenney





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